Sunday, August 14, 2016

Persecution of Raptors must end!

Saddened by the recent news that yet another tagged Golden Eagle had mysteriously vanished without trace in the Scottish Highlands & knowing that Hen Harriers have been persecuted, almost to the point of extinction in England, I felt that now was a good time to speak out against the sort of illegal activities I know were carried out in secret on many keepered estates. Sadly, the evidence points to there being little change since my days as a Keeper.

To speak openly now about the sort of persecution I saw with my own eyes, might just help to convince some people that now is the time to vote for serious change to the way our countryside is being managed for shooting interests, but actually mismanaged in so many ways.

At the very least, a serious debate needs to take place at the very highest level & to ensure this debate takes place I would urge anyone reading this to follow the links below and sign the Petitions.

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